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A key aspect of School of Deen is to provide students of knowledge with a complete online learning experience; meaning the syllabus for each of its courses is available to them through the online medium. School of Deen achieves this by producing and providing many hours of recorded HD video lectures for each of its programs. 

The platform also allows students to download lecture notes, test their knowledge through exams and various tests, and receive feedback and support from their fellow students, tutors and mentors. Their study experience is complemented by access to online libraries with reading materials. The combination of online tools varies from program to program, so please refer to the specific program page to view which resources are available. 

The many benefits of multimedia learning is implemented here at the School of Deen. The School of Deen improves learning capabilities by making it more interactive, flexible, and consistant, while at the same time being modular and practical. 

With the addition of forums and groups, students now can interact in discussion with other students and our instructors from around the globe! 

Badges and certificates will be awarded for completion of certain tasks! Keeping you on the toe and always looking forward to learning and gaining more knowledge. 

School of Deen’s mission is to inspire and educate students of the deen.

Providing a wide range and flexible online learning experience that allows students to interact as part of a global community and study whenever and wherever they choose. Knowledge is now available for access at any time, and anywhere across the globe.  We aim to spread the love, and spread the deen! No matter where you are! 

School of Deen is commited to becoming the destionation of choice for those seeking an online learning experience. We are dedicated to creating a global learning community reaching everyone and anyone, without borders. 

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We conduct our talks and workshops emphasizing on authentic Islamic knowledge, together with it's practical application. Courses are conducted as lively and interactive as possible to ensure that you will feel as alive and motivated as ever to keep pursuing the deen. 
The School of Deen conducts diverse online courses with various levels which is suitable for anyone! Our instructors cater to all the needs and requirements of knowledge to assist you in achieving your goals and targets.
sajid umar

Shaykh Sajid Ahmed Umar [ Advisor ]

Sh. Daood Butt 2-1

Shaykh Daood Butt [ Instructor/Advisor ]

Sheikh Yahya

Shaykh Yahya Adel Ibrahim [ Instructor ]


Tariq Appleby

Shaykh Tariq Appleby [ Instructor ]