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Losing Someone You Love..

Every one of us must have experienced or perhaps is experiencing the loss of somebody so dear to our hearts. When that happens, it feels like the world has suddenly collapsed and our life seems to be meaningless. The past became something almost surreal and the future seems to be very uncertain.

So today, we’d like to share with you a story of a great woman called Umm Sulaim who has also lost someone so beloved to her, her own son.

The Story of Umm Sulaim

Yes, Umm Sulaim was a loyal wife to Abu Talhah. AlhamduLilah, they were granted children but one day, one of their sons fell ill and while Abu Talhah went out, the boy died in his absence.

As any other loving mother on Earth, Umm Sulaim was truly devastated by this incident but she remained calm and she even told others to let her inform the sad news to her beloved husband herself. However, the way she told her husband was absolutely amazing.

To make things less intense, she has beautified herself that night and even prepared some of the most delicious meals for her husband. When Abu Talhah asked her about their son that night, Umm Sulaim just answered that their son was “Better than before”.

Finally, after he slept with her, she began to ask a question to her husband – “O, Abu Talhah! If somebody borrow something from another family and then the members of the family ask for its return, would he refuse to give it back?” Then Abu Talhah answered “No.” She then said “Then hope reward for your son!” Hearing this, Abu Talhah became angry and went to Rasulullah saw to inform him about the matter.

Instead of being angry, Rasulullah saw prayed for them by saying – “May Allah bless the night you spent together!” and not long after that, Umm Sulaim got pregnant and later delivered a healthy baby boy. This boy then became a noble man and had 9 sons whom had committed in memorising the Quran.

Everything Belongs To Allah

There are many things that we can learn from this story and one of them is to realise that every single thing that we have now in this world is owned by Allah swt. We borrow every single thing from Allah. Nothing will last and it may take just seconds for Allah to take something or someone away from us. This is why we need to strive for Jannah because everything will only last forever in Jannah!

If We Are Grateful, Allah Will Grant More!

Then, always remember to be grateful regardless of how bad the situation can be because it is Allah’s promise that He will provide for you even more or something better in return for your loss as long as you are patient and stay grateful.

Stay Calm and Wise Even During The Most Difficult Situations

Of course it is never easy for a mother to lose her own child after bearing the child for 9 months and after she has given birth to that child. However, in this case, Umm Sulaim has showed an exceptional character when she was able to remain calm and wise in her actions following the death of her son. This, itself shows how strong her beliefs were in Allah.


Now that we know this story of Umm Sulaim, we must always try to remind ourselves to remain patient and grateful to Allah in whatever situation because there will always be rainbow after a rainy day and Allah will always keep His promise to provide more for those who are grateful!

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Assalamua’laikum warahmatullah.

*The story of Umm Sulaim here is based on narrations by Al-Bukhari and Muslim

November 7, 2017

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