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She’s Avoiding Divorce

Her husband slammed the door hard, leaving her speechless. All she could think of that time was – “What did I say wrong?” Perhaps she was just joking around but in some way, she might have gone a little bit too far. She sat there, on the couch while looking at their precious little baby sleeping and she started to think again. Is this the end of their marriage? What will happen to their baby now?

Then, as if someone was whispering to her ears, she heard two things – “Go apologise and forget” then the other one says – “You did nothing wrong! He is just being stubborn again”.

A’li (r.a) was Angry at Fatimah (r.a)

She tried to calm herself down with dhikr. Then she remembered a story, the story between the Queen of Paradise, Fatimah (r.a) and the Great Kha’lifah, A’li bin Abi TA’lib (r.a) where one day, A’li (r.a) and Fatimah (r.a) like any other couples on earth, had an argument. Yes, they too had an argument until A’li (r.a) decided to leave the house because he was just angry at Fatimah (r.a). So he headed to the Mosque and planned to overnight there. Not long after he left, Rasulullah (saw) went to their house to look for A’li (r.a). Once there, he asked his dear daughter about A’li’s where about and Fatima replied to her father that her husband is at the Mosque. So Rasulullah (saw) went straight to the Mosque to search for him. Fortunately, he found A’li, went to him and found that his (i.e. `A’li’s) covering sheet had slipped of his back and dust had soiled his back. The Prophet then started wiping the dust off his back and said twice, “Get up! O Abu Turab (i.e. O. man with the dust). Of course, following that event, A’li (r.a) reconciled with his beloved wife and continued living as a happy married couple again.

Remembering this story, she became relieved knowing that arguments between husbands and wives are normal in any marriage, even in the marriage of the Companions and Prophets.

Build a Palace in Paradise

She even remembered that the Prophet (saw) once said that a person will be guaranteed a palace in Paradise i.e. Jannah if he or she apologise and leave an argument even though he or she knows that their opinions might be right (Narrated by Abu Dawud).

So, without thinking any further, she picked up the phone and called her husband to tell him that she was sorry. She was truly sorry. Surprisingly, her words has soften her husband’s heart and he too went to apologise.

That day, she has just made for herself, an absolutely stunning Palace in Jannah.



Somebody used to tell me that getting married i.e. finding the right one and all the preparation is hard. However, maintaining a good marriage is much harder. In any marriage, despite of how pious the couple can be, there will always be arguments. When that happens, we should not give up with our spouse and seek to end the marriage. Rather, pause and reflect. Pause to calm yourself down and to refrain yourself from making regretful actions.  Then, start to reflect on all the good qualities of your spouse. InshaaAllah, you’ll find that your nafs and ego will be defeated easily.

We make du’a that whoever who is reading this will be blessed with Qurrota a’yun (coolness of the eyes) and will be granted with many incredibly stunning Palaces in Jannah. InshaaAllah more stories on the Prophets and Companions will be shared in the coming weeks! You may sign up to to receive inspiring newsletter every Friday inshaaAllah!


Assalamua’laikum warahmatullah!

The story of A’li (r.a) above is based on narrations by Imam Bukhari

November 7, 2017

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