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The Struggles of A Woman

In the name of Allah The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. 

That girl,

Is a gift from the Creator,

Her heart as white as paper,

And her smile as lovely as rainbow.


That girl,

Had a mother and a father,

So she was also a daughter,

But it was never easy for her..

To obey them and follow.


That girl,

Later met a lover,

Who she adored and later met with her father,

She thought it was forever,

But little did she know,

That she was going to be a widow.


That girl,

Worked day and night,

People say she was a dreamer,

Just because she aimed higher,

Far higher that what they expected from her.


Hey girl,

Struggling in being daughter?

Fret no further,

Cause you know Fatima?

She was the great daughter of the greatest father,

She resembled all her father’s character,

So take her and admire

Because Allah has chosen her.


Hey girl,

Struggling being a wife and a mother?

Fret no further,

Cause you know Asiah?

She had an evil lover,

He claimed that he had all the power,

He disbelieves, and later killed her,

But he drowned with all his soldiers,

So adore this gorgeous flower,

For a palace in paradise is built beside her Creator!


Hey girl,

Are you a big dreamer?

You want to be better but..

What they all want is for you to be a quitter?

Fret no further,

Cause you know Khadija?

She was really a fighter,

She had all the worldly pleasure,

But she gave it all for the sake of her Creator,

So go on and admire her!

For she is our most Beloved’s lover.


Hey girl,

Can you see how our Creator..

Really IS our one true lover?

For He has sent down for us great examples,

For us to always overcome our barriers.


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November 30, 2017

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