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We believe that the Ummah can only be better through knowledge. One can only truly fear Allah with knowledge. So, we aim to provide knowledge to you, easily.

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Having trouble to stay focus? No worries! The duration of our daily audios are ~15 mins max.

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We highly value the authenticity of Islamic knowledge. So, we make sure that all of the instructors you listen to are reliable


We believe that the Ummah can only be better through knowledge. One can only truly fear Allah with knowledge. So, we aim to provide knowledge to you, easily.

Who we are

School of Deen is a youthful effort with a mission to inspire and educate the students of the Deen. With Jannah and Allah's pleasure in our sights, we want to serve the ummah by providing easy access to knowledge of the Deen and helping everyone be steadfast.

What we do

School of Deen provides bite-size audio content few times a week, with the goal of becoming an on-the-go audio library of authentic Islamic content for future Muslims. Other efforts by us includes building a strong sisterhood community (Sisters of Deen) and conducting seminars/ workshops.


We strive to deliver Islamic content that are on the As-Sunnah and Al-Quran only. 

Here are some of the exciting Courses that await You!

Negativity to Positivity

controversial hadiths

Tafsir of Surah Yusof

The Daughters of Muhammad

Ayat Al-Kursi

An-Nas Al-Falaq

The Rasulullah

Tafsir of Surah Luqman

tawakkul & Rezqi

Names & Attiributes of Allah

The Alfatihah

Seek Knowledge Despite How Busy You Are.
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We strive to deliver to you Islamic contents that are taught by reliable Islamic Instructors only.

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"Thank you for coming up with this wonderful program! Exactly what we need in our busy lives"
(Zie Asri - Malaysia)
“I am so grateful for this. The audio and notes are very relevant and easy to be accessed! thank you so much from the bottom of my heart"
(Nur Atikah - Malaysia)
"It's not been easy to accept lots of what been taught this while. But your lessons touches me deeply and I am thankful."
(Rafida - United States of America)
"It's really good AlhamduLilah! I can listen to anywhere and anytime. Keep it up!"
(Azimah - Malaysia)
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